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Streamline In-country Reviews

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Waiting days for a quote and wasting time on invoices and POs are also major pain points. With onDemand, you get instant quotes with 24/7 access to the onDemand portal. And POs and invoices are automated in the system too. Read More

Automate Quotes, POs, and Invoices

Professional Quality

Marketers like you often face complaints from in-country personnel regarding translation quality. With Global Brand Voice your problems are solved. By engaging in-country reviewers from the start—and codifying preferences—we’ve dramatically reduced this chronic pain point. Read More

We know that marketers face the toughest deadlines and quality requirements. So we’ve fundamentally changed the translation process to give you the speed you need—with the quality your audience demands.  

Speed to market with the confidence of a proven solution. Lionbridge onDemand works. Over 120 companies have chosen onDemand for 100% of their Marketing translation needs.

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“Lionbridge onDemand makes managing translation services so easy, especially for a global company like ours.

-Michelle Heffner

Digital Marketing Manager, Materion

Sr. Manager, Americas Marketing Operations, Equinix

-Melissa Borza

“We have content in all different formats and Lionbridge onDemand gives us the best one stop translation shop...
It has been a pleasure working with Lionbridge.

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Instant Quote

  • Upload files to onDemand and we provide an instant quote
  • Immediate and accurate

Fast Turnaround

  • Keep pace with competitors
  • Orders returned to clients in days

Low Price

  • Consistent set prices
  • Transparent pricing so you know what you're paying

Content Types

We translate the widest range of file types online. Enterprise clients use onDemand to translate the following file types:

Streamline In-country Reviews

Marketers, in-country reviewers, and translation partners often experience significant delays, stress, re-work, and the feeling of being trapped in a poorly designed process. With Global Brand Voice all three parties align to create linguistic assets that enable you to consistently achieve agreed-upon quality standards.


Automate Quotes, POs, and Invoices

onDemand automates business processes from end-to-end.

Integrated Solution

Automate the flow of content in and out of key systems.

  • Content Management – Plug-ins for Adobe, Sitecore, IBM, Oracle, and many more 

  • Marketing Automation – Manage assets directly from onDemand to eliminate manual effort

  • Custom – onDemand API enables any platform to automate the flow of content

Marketing content is often scattered across numerous systems. And the translation process can be manual and delay- and error-prone. But with the onDemand API you can move content seamlessly in and out of content management, marketing automation, DAMs, and other systems. Read More

Use an Integrated Solution

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Instantly generate quotes across numerous content types based on source files uploaded and target languages selected.


Purchase Order

Numerous departments/geographies can manage their own POs in multiple currencies.


Automated delivery to each PO ‘Bill-to’ owner.


✔ Faster Time to Market

✔ Global Brand Consistency

✔ Reduced Manual Effort & Errors

✔ Global Team Alignment

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